Say Hello To My Little Friend: NOMAD’s Chargekey


I don’t know about you but one of the things I having my cell phone run out of batteries, but now, as long as I have my little friend with me, that is not going to happen again.  Say hello to NOMAD’s ChargeKey.  A portable lightning cable that fits on a keychain.  It comes in both a lightning (iPhone) and micro-usb format (Android / Windows Phone).

If you carry this little gadget on your keychain you will always have a cable to plug-in to a USB port if you need to sync or charge your mobile phone.


It’s a 2.5″ key sized charging cable made up of flexible rubber components with two plastic ends. The cable can be connected to a PC, TV or any other device that can act as a “Host” and supply +5V for charging.  In case of “ChargeKey” for iPhone, the other end of the device includes “Lightning Connector” for Charging & Sync functionalities.

I’m also glad to report that when it came to quality, Nomad didn’t cut any corners.  The ChargeKey is made out of high grade plastics and it seems to me like it’s very durable.  In fact, it’s flexible by design so that you can twist the cable to accommodate different devices and situations. You can even dangle a connected device off your desk, if you really wanted to.

Final verdict? If you own a mobile device, you need the Chargekey.  Nomad claims it will work with any USB port.  The compact design of the USB has its lifesaver moments when you are in need to charge your phone on the go.  I do recommend this accessory for those always on the go and those who tend to forget the survival items for a phone.

If you’d rather not tote the Chargekey on your keychain or in your pocket, you can opt for the Chargecard version. It’s the same thing USB charging cable but in the form of a credit card that slips neatly into your wallet.

For more information on this accessory visit Nomad’s website

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