Are you looking for the perfect place to spend your next holiday? Holiday cottages can be an ideal option for families, but kids come with toys and tantrums, so you’ll need a suitable base for a happy holiday. With so many cottages to choose from, here are some tips onContinue Reading

Famous Roads for Great Drives in Italy

Italy is a country that is a favorite amongst tourists. From the gorgeous island settings to its historical sites such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Coliseum, Italy has wonders tourists can visit, no matter what their preferences are. Of course, the most exciting way to see allContinue Reading

Looking for one of the boutique hotels in Cancun? Welcome to the NYX Hotel Cancun. I have a thing for Mexico (who doesn’t, right?). I love the food, the people and let’s face it: God was pretty inspired when it created it as it beaches are breathtaking. To get toContinue Reading

Beach of Sol Cayo Santa Maria

Hotel Sol Cayo Santa Maria is located on the island Cayo Santa Maria, in the Bahia de Buenavista ecosystem, declared by UNESCO as a “Biosphere Reserve”; in a setting rich with endemic species protected by a beach of incomparable beauty, with more than ten kilometers of fine white sand andContinue Reading

A night photo of a street in London, England. There is a red telephone booth and the trails of a fast moving car on the street.

Planning a visit to London? You are in for a treat! Visitors to London are completely spoilt for choice when it comes to planning great days (and nights) out, and there is something for everyone. From fine art and the coolest shops to the most amazing restaurants and iconic landmarks,Continue Reading

Temple of the Emerald Buddha

Thailand is renowned for its delectable cuisine and majestic temples, but the variety of experiences the country offers amazes first-time visitors. The capital city of Bangkok is cosmopolitan and a shopper’s paradise. Chiang Mai in the north features ancient history and outdoor adventure. Thailand’s beaches span two coasts with pristineContinue Reading

Beach front resort Villa Tropico

Ask a random sample of travellers, across a range of ages, what places are on their “Top Five Must Visit” lists and chances are most will say Cuba – unless they’ve already been, in which case they’ll probably say that they want to go back. It is one of theContinue Reading

Woman lying on sandy beach

When traveling on a budget, there tends to be some downtime in between flights or while on your train or car ride, etc. Instead of being bored, we suggest pre-loading your phone or mobile device by downloading mental sports apps such as card games, movies, or other fun apps soContinue Reading

View of Paris and the Eiffel tower

Paris’ grandeur is inspiring but what I love most about the city is its intimacy. Its quarters are like a patchwork of villages, and while it’s one of the world’s major metropolises – with all of the culture and facilities that go with it – there’s a real sense ofContinue Reading

Deck and swimming pool at one of the private villas in thePavilions Phuket

Dominated by mountain ranges and lush rainforests, flanked by golden beaches and the blue ocean, Phuket is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places on earth. With an almost unmatched range of outdoor activities, high-end dining, friendly, hospitable people, and the subtle charm of an essentially rustic lifestyle all combine toContinue Reading