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Assumption of Mary Parish Church in Ljubljana
Assumption of Mary Parish Church

Prešeren Plaza is the most central point in Ljubljana. The plaza owes its name to France Prešeren, the most influential poet in Slovenian literature, whose monument is located in the middle of the plaza. The poet’s glance is directed towards a sculpture of his forbidden love and muse, Julia Primic, framed on the wall of a house on Wolf street.


France Prešeren (1800 – 1849) is also well known for his modernization of the Slovenian language. His poem, Zdravljica/Brindis, became Slovenian’s national anthem.


The plaza is dominated by the Assumption of Mary Parish Church and a monastery, a great example of early baroque architecture. The three bridges that can be seen from the plaza were built between 1929 and 1932 when architect Jože Plečnik added to old central bridge two more bridges for pedestrians, thereby creating an architectural style peculiar to Ljubljana.


Statue of Jože Plečnik
Statue of Jože Plečnik in Prešeren Plaza
Prešeren Plaza
Prešeren Plaza, Ljubljana, Slovenia


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