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2014 American Fitur Travel Blogger

American Fitur 2014

 Dear reader of I Will Travel.  I have a special request.  I would be very grateful if you could take a few minutes and vote for I Will Travel’s blog.  Fitur has launched a contest where they will pick 5 bloggers to represent their home country.

I Will Travel needs 50 votes to be a finalist and represent Canada in Fitur 2014, which will take place in Madrid, Spain.

You can vote by clicking on the Twitter or Facebook buttons below:



 It’s really simple and it will only take you a couple of minutes to cast your vote.

Thank you in advanced for your vote and time.

Will Castillo


2 responses to “2014 American Fitur Travel Blogger”

  1. Cristina Luisa Avatar

    Voted for you on Facebook and Twitter. Good luck! You deserve this, my friend!


    1. Will Castillo Avatar

      Ms. Owen! Thank you for your support! That’s very kind of you. We’ll see what happens!


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