Where there’s a Will there’s a way!

Food, Glorious Food!

Finding something to eat in Orlando is not a difficult task; finding something healthy to eat in Orlando could be slightly trickier!

Welcome to the part of the world that puts Man vs Food to shame!

Any holiday to Orlando is going to be larger than life, so you will want to explore everything you can whilst you’re there. Saving money pre-holiday is a must, so cutting out unnecessary expenses is something you need to look at. Have you tried driving yourself to the airport, for example?

Airport taxis, trains and coaches can be costly, so I decided to book Gatwick parking with Holiday Extras for my last break way, and I managed to save plenty, meaning more to put towards my holiday enjoyment. Of course if you can grab a bargain on your holiday booking then you’re laughing well before you even leave, and there are plenty of cheap flights to Orlando to be found, if you look hard enough.

Whether you’re theme park visiting, or exploring away from the parks, dining will not be a problem. If you are heading to Orlando for a Disney-based break then look into the Disney Dining plans. If you are staying in a Disney hotel, it’s a great idea to take advantage of this, as you won’t need to worry about budgeting for food and drink whilst you’re away. Think of it as the Disney version of all-inclusive!

Food in Orlando can be as healthy as Burgers and Fries

Of course, if you’re staying self-catering, then you’re probably looking to eat in a little too, and you will find plenty of supermarkets, where you can stock up on relatively cheap food and drink.

I found International Drive the best place to head for cheap meals, as if you are looking to eat in the parks and pay every time, without a Dining plan, then you might find yourself short on funds after a while, and probably lacking in nutrients, after eating far too many burgers! You will find all manner of cuisine types on International Drive, from Chinese, to all you can eat buffets, Indians, bakeries, the list is endless. There is of course the famous Golden Corral eatery, which is where you can fill your stomach to endless amounts, or until you’re physically sick, of course. I always find this a good place to head for breakfast, to fill up cheaply and well before a day in the parks. On our last visit, this often meant we didn’t need to eat again until the parks closed, other than maybe a snack at lunchtime.

Filling up at breakfast is the best possible advice when hitting the theme parks, and then calling in for some food once they close, at a cheap pizza place, or maybe a Denny’s, where you can easily grab something tasty and filling for a low cost.

A plate of Chicken and Waffles

You might not find that many highly nutritious food outlet choices in Orlando, but you certainly won’t go hungry either!

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