Where there’s a Will there’s a way!

Far, far away

You might not give much thought to flying, and simply see it as a way of getting from A to B, but the fact remains that when you’re stuck in an artificial tin-can for excessive amounts of time, you’re going to get a little bored and fidgety to say the least. This is easily remedied, with plenty of entertainment options to keep you occupied, and we all know that the best destinations are always further away, so long-haul flying might be boring, but it is a trade-off for some of the most glittering places the world has to offer.

It’s easy to try and reduce some of the effects of long-haul flying, meaning this trade-off isn’t too bad overall, and some of these suggestions are even beneficial. Take airport hotels for example, you add an extra night’s pampering onto your holiday, and you’re fresh and raring to go when you turn up at the terminal door, usually around a stone’s throw from where you spent the night. What could be better? I do this regularly when I’m flying long-haul, and also if I have an early flight overall, because it cuts out some of the over-tiredness and stress of travel. I’ve stayed at many of the Manchester Airport hotels, and every one of them has been great value for money, so this is something I would certainly recommend.

Another option is to drive yourself to the airport, park up, and combine your parking spot with a night in a hotel, giving you a bargain bundle that makes life so much easier. Airparks offer fantastic deals on parking, as well as parking and hotel bundles, so certainly check that out.

Once you’ve made peace with the fact that you’re going to spend a considerable amount of time travelling to your destination, you will feel much more positive about the whole experience, and be able to focus on the final destination instead.

So, where will you go?

Orlando is a hugely popular long-haul family destination, with theme park thrills and spills aplenty. Perhaps you fancy getting away from reality completely, and in that case Las Vegas would be a fantastic option! For rest and relaxation you can’t beat the Caribbean, or going in the total opposite direction, the Indian Ocean islands. This is where you truly will be able to kick back and chill the hell out.

For amazing culture and sights you won’t quite believe, how about heading to the Far East, and taking in maybe Singapore, China, Japan, and Hong Kong? Prefer South America? Well Brazil’s famous Rio de Janeiro will fill your eyes with wonder, or perhaps up and coming Argentina?

The options are truly endless, and the world is certainly your oyster.

The Mediterranean Sea.

One response to “Far, far away…”

  1. cindamackinnon Avatar

    I agree Will. But I needed to be reminded: spend a few extra dollars to decrease the stress of travel and enjoy yourself more. Thanks.


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