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6 Experiences Not to Miss While in Tahiti


Tahiti is an island that most might think is just a figment of their imagination because it’s an idyllic paradise; far too beautiful to be real. Your imagination may run wild, but Tahiti does really exist, and it’s a haven for any island lusting holidayer. While many might just come here to just get away, adventure can be had as well. Think you may need to brush up on your Tahiti knowledge? Try this travel quiz from Travel Associates and see how much you do know.


It would be a shame if you were to miss a traditional Polynesian dance show. Yes, it may be a bit typical, but it will be fun to watch and participate if you so choose to. Get up there and learn a few moves, or sit back and enjoy watching the beautiful dancers sway and shake in their island flair skirts and tops.

Flanked by white sand and blue water, get a better look at the eden of an island you are staying on by taking a 4×4 ride of Moorea. Make it up to Magic Mountain and you will certainly see the magic. Stunning vistas will be before you. Bays and tiny dots of land speckle the blue waters. On the trip, you can also visit the beautiful bays of Cooks and Opunohu.

How about taking a boat trip? Boating on these crystal clear blue waters will be breathtaking. Haven’t you seen the “floating boat on water” photos? Well, that could be you on that boat. If you’re ready for the more gorgeous island-life, why not visit neighboring Bora Bora on your catamaran? Mt Otemanu will be in the distance, a hidden lagoon hideaway, and plenty of other photo opportunities.

Dotted throughout the island is myriad of overwater bungalows. Staying in one of these luxurious and private bungalows is essentially a must-do while you’re here. Eat your breakfast oceanside right out your door, watch the schools of fish playfully swim past your dock, snorkel with them a few feet away from your bed, and then enjoy a cocktail on your sun deck as you watch an incredible sunset.

If you want to continue playing with the fish and marine life, then hop back in the water to swim up close and personal with huge southern sting rays, black-tip reef sharks, and other tropical fish that come scurrying about. Have no fear and dive in to this experience. They don’t want to snack on you.

While the beaches are impressive, renting a car and exploring the interior of the island is certainly worth your time as well. Adventure through the jungle and lush vegetation taking a leisurely stop to enjoy your surroundings. Find flowing streams and archaeological remains. When you are ready for the water again, why not try a waterfall instead of the beach? They certainly will not disappoint!

Plage.sable.noir.Tahiti” by fr:Utilisateur:FRED – Own work (from French Wikipedia). Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution

2 responses to “6 Experiences Not to Miss While in Tahiti”

  1. cindamackinnon Avatar

    You mention snorkeling – a passion of my husband and I. Any recommendations as the where to go? We were thinking of Fiji but the locations are all remote islands,that take time and money to get to – plus hubby thinks it will be too hot ( only the $900/n places seem to have AC for the most part!); so we are re-thinking. Our winter stand-by is Hawaii.


  2. Emmanuel Avatar

    For the best snorkeling, I would recommend Fakarava or Rangiroa (2 of the Tuamotu atolls) where you can find nice A/C guest houses, much cheaper the $900 / night


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