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4 Other European Gems to Visit

4 Other European Gems to Visit

Europe showcases some of the top destinations around the world, it holds some of the oldest and richest cultures, and it holds an array of cities to entertain, please, and take your breath away. Traveling around the continent will bring you to many places, all of which are different from the next despite being so close together. It’s hard to choose which spot to go to, but there’s of course the list of regulars that are usually at the top. Rome, Paris, Barcelona and the other popular spots are popular for good reason. There’s plenty more to see though, so don’t feel like you need to follow the crowd. There are some highly underrated cities in Europe and here are just a few to get your second list of less discovered spots going.

This city has made a comeback in a big way. Once a place of violence and crime, this city has turned from the dark side to the bright and beautiful side. It’s been named the European Capital of Culture in 2013 and has since seen plenty of visitors to vouch for its beauty. Labyrinth streets dotted with architecturally interesting buildings like the Romano-Byzantine Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde that is adorned with mosaics and murals from the 19th century; it sits on top of the city at the highest point. The food here, namely the seafood, is another highlight of this fantastic French city.

Although Prague usually steals the show from the other cities in the Czech Republic, Moravia will be giving it a run for its money. It’s a less discovered but possibly equally as amazing as its sister city. This city has some fabulous vineyards rolling through the region, and harvest festivals celebrates its lovely cultivation. Gothic architecture runs wild in the UNESCO Heritage Site of the Old Town, the Mendel Museum, Spilberk Castle, and Brno City Museums are certainly worth a stopover during your stay as well.

An Alpine haven is perhaps what Bern, Switzerland can be describe as, but you can come visit and find your own way to describe this magical city. It’s an underrated destination, but that means its charm is still in full throttle and just waiting for you to discover its modern edge with old town feel. There’s the UNESCO site of the Old Town which houses Albert Eisenstein’s former house, and in contrast, the Renzo Piano with is futuristic design. The Emmental Cheese Route is encouraged for those who are a cheese fanatic, and make sure to catch a random performance or show while walking through the streets of Old Town.

Along the Danube River sits this magnificent capital of Hungary. Many people choose European river cruise experiences to see this magical city and the other gems along the many rivers in Europe. While here, you can set your eyes on historical retro hotels, the Hotel Palazzo Zichy and its aristocratic feel, and the old and untouched buildings that flank the streets and alleyways, which are just part of the charm exuding from this city. During your stay, it would be a shame to miss out on the Racz Baths for an authentic Turkish-era bathing experience. The thermal baths here have been enjoyed since the 16th century and the benefits and experience of this has remained the same.

View of the Dunabe River from Budapest, Hungary. Budapest is among the prettiest European gems.
Budapest, Hungary

5 responses to “4 Other European Gems to Visit”

  1. Mary Avatar

    I continue to thoroughly enjoy all your articles, William. I look forward to them. Please keep writing and commenting…


  2. cindamackinnon Avatar

    I didn’t know that Marseille has been “updated” and have not included it on any trips to France based on its previous reputation. Thanks for the insight.
    Now beautiful Budapest – there I will agree! (It rated two blog posts from me; here’s the first one if anyone is interested: http://cindamackinnon.wordpress.com/?s=Budapest )


    1. Will Castillo Avatar

      Hi Cinda, yes it has. It still needs a lot of work but at least they’ve started to do something about its reputation. Yes, Budapest is gorgeous. I wish I could have spent more time there. Thanks for sharing your post with me. I will take a look at it. Cheers and thank you!


  3. Katie Featherstone Avatar

    The only of these cities I´ve managed to visit so far is Marseille, but I agree, it´s a fantastic place to just get lost wandering around the little streets. Thank-you for the recomendations, I always like to find the little less touristy options!


    1. Will Castillo Avatar

      My pleasure Katie!


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