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The Best Christmas Destinations In Latin America

El Yunque, Puerto Rico

If you’re looking to spend Christmas in a beautiful Latin American country, you here have the five top Christmas destinations of 2014.

El Yunque, Puerto Rico

El Yunque
Waterfall in El Yunque Forest, Puerto Rico – Photo by Jorgoman

According to Travel and Leisure, Puerto Rico is the main option for America this Christmas 2014.

It’s the beautiful palms and mild climate in El Yunque that make this destination a great option to the usual winter landscapes of December; it’s not a bad idea to walk the streets of old spanish colonial styles any city in the Caribbean.

San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico

San Miguel de Ayende, Mexico
Photo by Juiguangw

The peaceful colonial city and cultural center of the Bajío transforms itself every Christmas with parades and fireworks, their inns, live music and dance in El Jardin plaza. Don’t forget to try the typical punch with a “bite” of brandy, and don’t miss tasting their exquisite kings’ ring (rosca de reyes).

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio De Janeiro
Central Business District of Rio. Photo by Pppires

Its tropical climate with a couple of showers per week, and its incomparable beaches make Rio de Janeiro a tourist destination for Christmas. It is recommended to timely make hotel reservations, which get fully booked in December.

Lima, Peru

Lima, Peru
The beach below miraflores. Photo by Abaesel

Lima, Peru, is also a popular South American destination for Christmas, as it is celebrated summer of the southern hemisphere, which rainy season begins in December.

The most beautiful Peruvian beaches are located in the north, and are perhaps the most beautiful beaches in the Pacific. Its nightlife in the outdoors is also very appealing. Don’t forget to try their famous ceviche in the district of Miraflores, which has many restaurants.

Santiago, Chile

Santiago de Chile
Photo by Matias Negrete-Pincetic

Even in summer, the climate in Santiago lends warm days and cool nights. Santiago is just as popular as are other cities in South America, and one should not overlook the fact that the second half of December is high season.

You can also visit Valparaiso and other villages in the mountains, where you will find good accommodations at affordable prices. La Patagonia is a beautiful destination for this summery Christmas.

Where will you be speding Christmas this year?

One response to “The Best Christmas Destinations In Latin America”

  1. James Johnson Avatar
    James Johnson

    Lima is a terrible choice — a big congested city with a seemingly constantly oppressive heavy fog.


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