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Grab a bargain, put a smile on your face

Grab a bargain, put a smile on your face

Finnair airplane at one of the gates of Pearson airport

There is nothing more fulfilling when shopping than when you grab a bargain, do you agree? When it comes to finding a bargain holiday, the excitement is doubled, because not only do you have something seriously fun to look forward to, but you also saved money, and you can pat yourself on the back!

It’s easy to jump at the first deal you find, but shopping around will always yield the best results. You can also save money on your travel plans when it comes to extras too, so bargains can be added to, such as driving yourself to the airport door and parking up, booking a parking space through ParkBCP.

Grabbing a bargain isn’t about luck completely, although a little does help. Knowing where to look is the first step to bargain central, and a little help is always appreciated.

Here are a few tips.

Be flexible – If you’re more flexible with dates and where you travel from then you’re much more likely to find cheaper results. If you’re rigid then you’re setting yourself up for one option only, and who’s to say that’s the cheapest deal out there? For instance, travelling from a London airport will always be cheaper on the whole, and if it works out cheaper even when you factor in travel costs, then it’s certainly worth thinking about. I’ve done this several times, and parked up using Gatwick parking North terminal, which was fantastic value for money and gave me a much less stressful journey from home to the airport door.

Split bookings – If you’re able to book your outward journey and your inbound journey separately then you’re likely to be able to mix and match bargains. Skyscanner is a good way to do this, as you can search all the best deals, airlines and dates in one place, and book two separate flights in two bookings.

Do you need hold luggage? – If you’re only travelling for a short time then you may not need to add suitcases onto your booking. If you can book with an airline that gives you a more generous hand luggage allowance then you can easily be ruthless and take everything you need in your cabin baggage, and buy your toiletries at the airport. Sounds difficult, but it can be done!

Travel out of season – You can grab serious bargains if you travel at the beginning and end of season, and this also alleviates the need to travel during school holidays if you don’t have children in tow.

Finding a bargain is a little bit of luck and a little bit of skill. If you take note of these few tips then you may find yourself bagging a serious deal.

Beach of Guardalavaca, Cuba
Beach of Guardalavaca, Cuba

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