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Photo of the Mono Grand Prix race track

Monte Carlo is home to one of the most important and prominent automobiles races in the world is the Monaco Grand Prix. Running since 1929 this circuit has been referred by many as an exceptional location of glamour and prestige.

The Monaco Grand Prix

The circuit consists of narrow, with numerous elevation changes and tight corners. It revolves around the city streets and La Condamine, which includes the well-known harbour, home to the luxurious yachts of the world’s super rich.

The Monaco Grand Prix

The Monaco Grand Prix

The course also includes a tunnel which creates a contrast of daylight and gloom when entering and/or exiting, presenting challenges not faced anywhere else, as the drivers have to adjust to their vision as they emerge from the tunnel.

The Monaco Grand Prix

The Monaco Grand Prix

During the Monaco Grand Prix weekend spectators crowd around the Circuit. There are a number of temporary grandstands built around the circuit, mostly around the harbour area. The rich and famous arrive on their boats and the yachts in the harbour fill with spectators. Balconies around Monaco become viewing areas for the race too.

Many hotels and residents cash in on the birds eye views of the race. Grand Prix organizers Automobile Club de Monaco officially voted the Ermanno Palace Penthouse the “Best view of the Monaco Grand Prix”.

To get a bird’s-eye view of the entire race and track, head up on foot or by bus onto the Rock (the Old Town), and soak in the atmosphere and the wonderful views.

The Monaco Grand Prix

The Monaco Grand Prix race weekend is exceptional, in that the first F1 practice sessions, take place on the Thursday instead of the Friday. No Formula One practice sessions take place on Fridays, however some sessions for the support racing categories are conducted on the Friday morning and admission to the circuit for the Friday is free.

The circuit is opened to the public on the Friday afternoon, as well as every night over the race weekend, offering a great chance to walk around the circuit.

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