Where there’s a Will there’s a way!

Boats on one of the main canals of Amsterdam with buildings in the background

Goedemorgen  (Good morning) from the charming city of AmsterdamMy wife and I arrived one day ago and we are having a fantastic time.

Built on a latticework of concentric canals, this remains the City of Canals. Nearly every street you’ll find old and new side by side: quiet corners where time seems to be holding its breath next to neon-lit Kalverstraat, Red Light ladies strutting under the city’s oldest church.

Perhaps Amsterdam’s greatest charm is also its greatest enigma: How can such a gracious cultural center with an incomparable romance also multitask as the most offbeat metropolis in the world?


I hope you enjoy this postcard. Zie je later!

One response to “Postcard From Amsterdam”

  1. Mary Marciello Avatar
    Mary Marciello

    What an exact and colourful way to describe this enchanting city.


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