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MyWebSpot mobile wifi pocket unit
The view of Paris from the Notre Dame Tower
The view of Paris from the Notre Dame Tower

You may have noticed that lately I have been very active on Instagram, posting at least twice a day. In order to keep up my engagement rate high during my recent Eurotrip I was determined to keep it up so it was necessary for me to have access to Wi-Fi pretty much everywhere I went.

When traveling abroad, however, there is usually the question of how to do that without running into high roaming charges — or even whether your mobile phone will be able to connect to a network at all.

Not only did I need Wi-Fi for posting on Instagram, but for so many of my daily activities. Nowadays, staying connected wherever you go seems more like a necessity than a luxury.

At the beginning of my trip I was constantly scanning for free Wi-Fi hotspots, but the truth is, that they can be very unreliable, and sometimes extremely difficult to find. This predicament came to an end for me in Paris. Perhaps you noticed that during my stay in Paris I was posting more often on my social media platforms. The main reason was because while in Paris I had my own portable Wi-Fi hotspot device called MyWebSpot.

wi-fi hotspot device

MyWebSpot rents a great little pocket unit that works virtually everywhere in Europe. The convenience, reliability, and freedom of being online anywhere and anytime in my travels makes it a great value for a traveler like me.

What was great about this is that I had it with me at all times and I was always able to connect with my loved ones or business associates back home. A further advantage: It allows you (and anyone with you) to connect up to ten devices at the same time at no extra cost.

All over Europe, it’s routine to see travelers hunting down free or cheap Internet service (most of which is very low quality) in hotel lobbies, sitting on the floor at airports outside the VIP lounge door, and wasting valuable trip time.

With the luxury of having my own private mobile hotspot, I was able to get online without fiddling with login credentials, petty payments here and there, and worrying about time limits. And, since a single hotspot allows access for up to ten devices, my wife and I had all our gear–smartphones, laptops, and tablets, online as we like and need. I was online — communicating, working, or being entertained — on taxis, buses, and trains. I’ve used it in airports and even in cafés overlooking some wonderful sights. I also appreciated the device even in hotels and AirBnB apartments where online access is free because my signal is often stronger and faster.

There are three different options to choose from.

  1. Rent a device for 5 € per day and get up to 500 MB per day in fair use with a maximum speed of 21 MB per second.
  2. Rent a device for 7.50 € per day and get up to 1 GB per day in fair use with a maximum speed of 150 MB / second
  3. Rent a device for 9 € per day and get unlimited data with a maximum speed of 150 / second (This was what I had and it’s totally worth it.

How does it work?

  • Rent your mobile hotspot with a few clicks on-line before departure.
  • The hotspot is delivered via standard mail (France) or courier services (inside Paris) to your French address (hotel, rental flat or house…).
  • Once you have received your hotspot, the connection is absolutely fast and reliable.
  • To connect to the internet simply turn on the mobile hotspot, wait a few seconds and connect to the Wi-Fi signal.
  • The return is very easy. A prepaid envelope is provided. You just drop in any mailbox!

This device is easy to use and hold their charge a long time. You only need to sign in once because your computer will remember the device every time. Getting online is as simple as turning the power on. To learn more, visit MyWebSpot.

– Reviews are based on usefulness, quality and value. Products are sent to me free of charge and with no incentive to offer a favorable review. I offer our unbiased opinions, positive and negative.

6 responses to “Wi-Fi hotspot device in Paris”

  1. Suzanne Fluhr Avatar
    Suzanne Fluhr

    This take along Hotspot sounds like a decent solution for us on our next trip to Europe, especially because it would be a very legitimate business expense for my husband—and I could just tag along. 😉


    1. Will Castillo Avatar

      Hi Suzanne, definitely. I think it’s absolutely worth it. For 9 Euros you have unlimited quality wi fi. It really saved me a lot of time and headache. Give it a try and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


  2. Pola (JettingAround) (@jettingaround) Avatar

    Even though my mobile plan gives me unlimited web and text in many countries, including France, I was so glad to try My Webspot for a few days in Paris. It charged in half and hour and lasted at least six (and I’m a heavy user). The phone stayed charged longer too, since it didn’t have to constantly connect to a mobile network.


    1. Will Castillo Avatar

      That’s awesome! I’m glad this service provider is getting the attention they deserve. Great product and service. Cheers Pola!


  3. David Avatar

    I had a terrible experience with My Webspot and the hotspot that they send me only provided slow 3G service – instead of fast 4G service that they advertise everywhere including on their website. I rented a hotspot from them to use in Europe (Italy, Swiss, and South of France). They advertise that it is 4G, and that was the sole reason that I rented it from them. I also requested 2 spare batteries. Since this was an important trip and I needed to make sure that I have wifi during my trip, I also rented another 4G hotspot from their competitor, just in case. When I received the hotspot, it would turn on but it would not provide any wifi. I called and emailed mywebspot and they neither replied nor returned my call. I called again and they then emailed me a long instructions on how to input the right configurations in the device in order to make it work. They were also very rude to me on the phone. This is bad business as they should have checked the device before sending it to the customers. I had to spend over 2 hours calling and emailing them and then configuring the device. This took precious time out of my trip which was not fun. To make things worst, then I found out that the device is not giving me 4G service as they advertised. During my entire trip of almost 3 weeks, in 3 countries, I received 3G service from the hotspot from mywebspot. However, I received 4G service from the device from their competitor. On many occasions, I had the two devices side by side and mywebspot was on 3G while the one from their competitor was on 4G. I called mywebspot several times. Initially, they did not return my calls again. Once I called again, they finally advised me that they do not know why I do not get 4G service while my other hotspot gets it. I have to mention that both hotspots were the same brand and were working on the same carriers throughout my trip. As for the “spare batteries” that I paid extra for, they sent me “portable batteries,” and not actual spare batteries that you pop into the device. This meant that now I had to carry the device and the portable batteries and the wire to connect the batteries to the devices which defeated the purpose of ordering the spare batteries. They should disclose on their websites that they do not provide spare batteries and that instead they provide portable batteries. I felt that I have been defrauded by the company and their false advertising. I will never use their service again.



    Do not use My Webspot. The device is slow, has a very small display that cant be seen on sunny days. It disconects permanently and as it is too slow it takes a lot to reconnect. The support is a disaster. I had problems with the delivery and they blamed the hotel and DHL, meanwhile I had to spend a lot of money and time fo fetch it at DHL central office. The support in those moments is very very bad. In summary, a disaster


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