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Mount Ajdahak

Armenia is a wonderful small country famous for its picturesque mountain landscapes, ancient history, colorful customs and traditions and warm hospitality of locals. If you got interested and want to travel to Armenia then keep reading and you will learn about the most amazing natural sights that are really worth visiting.

Lake Sevan

Armenian Nature Lake Sevan

Lake Sevan is one of the most beautiful miracles of Armenian nature. It is situated in Gegarkunik region and is considered one of the world’s greatest high altitude fresh-water lakes. Due to its amazing beauty the lake was called “the pearl of Armenian nature”. And indeed this is not an exaggeration, just imagine: its azure waters shine under the sun rays and the picture is completed by wooded mountains and hills. The territory around Sevan is a nice place for beach holiday lovers. Cool fresh water, sandy beaches, clean air – what could be better on a hot sunny day? So, no wonder that every summer Sevan attracts lots of visitors who want to run away from noisy and dusty cities, relax and feel in harmony with nature. This site is considered «a must visit» place for all the tourists and is included in almost all tour packages to Armenia. So if you are planning a holiday in Armenia consider this place as a must for visiting. It is not rather difficult to get to the lake, you can rent a car in Yerevan and it will take you about an hour to get to Sevan.

Waterfall Shaki

Armenian Nature Waterfall Shaki

In the southern part of Armenia in Syunik region, there is a wonderful waterfall Shaki – the highlight of Armenian nature. It greets it visitors by a music of slowly falling water, that comes from the altitude of 18 meters. The energy of it is so strong that you won’t be able to hear any other voices or noises. This unique natural miracle annually attracts lots of visitors from different corners of Armenia and foreign countries.

Symphony of stones

Armenian Nature Symphony stones

In Kotayk region of Armenia, there is a picturesque Garni Canyon which is famous for its unique natural monument called “the symphony of stones”. This site is a result of geological processes which led to the formation of symmetrical columns. Sometimes people call them «the big organ», and indeed, if you look at them from afar many of the cliffs seem like a giant organ. Almost perfect columns look as if they are specially carved by human hand, and not by nature.

Mount Ajdahak

Armenian Nature Mount Ajdahak

If you are fond of trekking and hiking than the climbing to Ajdahak Mount is what you need! It is the third highest mountain of Armenia and one of the most beautiful. On the top of Ajdahak you will get a breathtaking view to the famous Sevan Lake, Mount Aragats and amazing surroundings. Moreover the climbers will be able to see a small crater lake of indescribable beauty. Its waters are so transparent and clear that you can see its bottom. This «blue-eyed» beauty of Ajdahak is really worth seeing!

Tnjri (2000-year-old platan tree)

There is a beautiful region in Armenia called Nagorno-Karabakh. This region is famous for its unique and ancient monasteries and temples, amazing wooded landscapes, exotic national dishes. However, there is one sight there, about which many don’t know and it deserves some special attention. We are speaking about the wonderful tree that is more than 2000 years old. Through centuries of war and peace this old tree known as Tnjri remains unchanged. This surprising attraction is located at the distance of 37 km from Stepanakert city. Its height is over 54 meters!

Hunot Canyon

Armenian Nature Waterfall Mamrot Qar

The stunning beauty of the Hunot Canyon Reserve leaves visitors in awe. It is also situated in the beautiful region – Nagorno Karabakh. The area of the reserve is about 400 hectares and it contains a huge number of historical, natural and architectural sights. Among its beautiful natural attractions, we’d like to highlight a famous waterfall «Mamrot Qar» known also as an «Umbrella». Deep-water source originates in the stone canyon, forming a constantly dripping waterfall which has a form of a huge umbrella, covered with moss.

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