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Planning for Vacation Downtime

Woman lying on sandy beach

Woman lying on sandy beach

When traveling on a budget, there tends to be some downtime in between flights or while on your train or car ride, etc. Instead of being bored, we suggest pre-loading your phone or mobile device by downloading mental sports apps such as card games, movies, or other fun apps so you have something to do during this time. It can really pass the time while waiting for the next leg of your trip to start.

It may seem silly to plan for vacation downtime, but it really is a must. In fact, we suggest you plan downtime into your vacation so that you aren’t trying to fit too much in. So, besides the unwanted travel downtime, plan for small spurts of downtime in between events that you may have planned. Whether you are traveling alone with that special someone or with a group of loved ones, you will appreciate the downtime. Depending on your age or interest, however, the types of things you need for scheduled downtime will really differ.

Groups of All Ages: Some people on your trip may need more to keep them happy during downtime. While some may want to download a movie ahead of time from somewhere like Netflix or Amazon Prime, others may prefer books, coloring books, board games, a small bag of toys, etc. to pass the time. Regardless of their preference, it is important to have something handy in your travel pack for any down time to pass the time while hanging by the pool, in the hotel room, or wherever they are enjoying a restful period as a group. Not only will your group get their second wind, but they’ll also end up much happier for the rest of the day, especially if you schedule these short downtime or rest periods that are custom for their specific age. On trips to Disney or something similar, we would recommend going back to the hotel a couple days of the trip in the afternoon to either enjoy some rest time around the pool or to take naps before going back out for dinner at night.

Couples: For a couple’s vacation, it is important to know what one another likes or needs to rest while on vacation. Some people like to read a book or magazine while others like to take naps, enjoy a cocktail around the pool, and so on. One thing’s for sure, encourage one another to truly unplug as much as possible; no phones, tablets, or gaming devices during the actual vacation. Keep those items for your travel downtime in the airport or car. You will feel much more rested and rejuvenated at the end of your trip and ready to get back into the real world if you do so.

Sports Enthusiasts or Adrenaline Junkies: For these types of people, we understand that taking downtime to rest will be more difficult. That’s why we suggest choosing activities that are more low-key to give your body and mind a break. For example, taking a walk or an easy hike instead of mountain climbing or swimming in the pool or ocean instead of jumping off cliffs/waterfalls into the water. It’s not that these are things that you shouldn’t do on your vacation; you just shouldn’t do them 100% of the time.

Take time to relax in the best way that works for you. We also hope that you don’t forget to plan for the downtime during your vacation to ensure you get some quality rest while you travel. And remember, do what works for you and enjoy your trip!

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  1. cindamackinnon Avatar

    My go to for downtime is sudoku.


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