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Famous Roads for Great Drives in Italy
Famous Roads for Great Drives in Italy

Italy is a country that is a favorite amongst tourists. From the gorgeous island settings to its historical sites such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Coliseum, Italy has wonders tourists can visit, no matter what their preferences are. Of course, the most exciting way to see all of Italy’s beautiful scenery is no other than by going on a road trip. Make the most of your Italian road journey by obtaining an IDP from the International Driver’s Association for a smooth and seamless Italian luxury trip.

Amalfi Coast

No other Italian road is more ideal for a luxury trip than the Amalfi Coast. The location of this stunning destination is right in between Sorrento and Salerno, Campania. Built by the Romans, Amalfi Coast boasts hairpin bend roads that give drivers a view of Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello’s famous villages. The Amalfi Coast stretches at a length of 50 km with a gorgeous backdrop of pastel villages and sandy beaches.

Amalfi Coast is home to more than just a scenic road. Visit the postcard-like village of Sorrento by the ocean and taste the best cuisine the locals have to offer. Continue driving around the area to see more pastel-colored, picturesque sightings such as Positano and Atrani. Complete your luxury trip on the Amalfi Coast by visiting the Fiordo di Furore, the only fjord within the area that offers a stunning view of the beach far away from the hustle and bustle of urban Italy.

Via Aurelia

Go for a scenic drive on this Italian Riviera known as Via Aurelia. Via Aurelia’s location places it in between Bordighera and La Spezia. This famous Italian road has a reputation for being one of the best to drive on if you’re up for a luxury trip, as the routes lead drivers to destinations such as glamorous Portofino. With views of the ocean, cliffs decorated with trees, and a touch of modernity with its restaurants and cafés, Via Aurelia, is a narrow road worth driving on.

For a bit of a background on Via Aurelia, its English name is the Aurelian Way. It serves as a connection between Rome and France, hitting many tourist destinations in the process. Driving on this ancient consular road when traveling as a tourist requires an IDP for a hassle-free Italian journey, so get yours from the International Driver’s Association now. Among the famous spots, tourists love to travel to include Genoa and San Remo, giving tourists a feel of Roman living.

Famous Roads for Great Drives in Italy

Stelvio Pass

Nature lovers are up for a scenic travel on Stelvio Pass. Stelvio Pass is an Italian road situated in the Eastern Alps. Located at 2758 ft above sea level, close to Bormio, Italy, Stelvio Pass gives travelers an exciting road trip since the roads are unbordered, allowing you to experience Stelvio Pass in its most natural state. Its long, winding and twisting roads can seem daunting, but the scenery makes the drive worth it!

Present in the area are accommodations and restaurants where travelers can stop to eat, with an average apartment costing 120-150 Euros. Skiers are in for a treat at Stelvio Pass, given the mountains’ tendencies to have snow well into the summer, making it perfect for an exhilarating ski. For a fantastic photo-op, visit Bormio and Livigno, especially in wintertime, as these places give meaning to the term “winter wonderland.” Summertime is the best time to travel to Stelvio Pass for pleasant weather, so mark your calendars to experience an Italian road travel now!

Salento Peninsula

The Salento Peninsula or salentino peninsula is located in Puglia, a lovely Italian town overlooking the vast sea, right at the heel of the boot. Salento’s location makes it ideal for travelers who are seeking a beach getaway. Should you find yourself in Puglia, take your time to travel to the churches and plazas that make the region so renowned.

Beaches are pretty famous in the Salento region along with old-town but very vibrant Gallipoli and historic Lecce. Along the peninsula is Otranto, famous for its villages and towns reminiscent of Greece. The road in itself with rocky coastlines is not one to miss, so get an IDP from the International Driver’s Association right now to make the most of your Italian road travels.

Famous Roads for Great Drives in Italy

Great Dolomite Road (Grande Strade delle Dolomiti)

The Great Dolomite Road or the Grande Strade Delle Dolomiti is a road in Italy along the Dolomites mountain range. The Great Dolomite Road boasts luscious green surroundings that tourists can witness for themselves as they cruise down the road. Apart from the legendary Dolomite peaks, visit the areas’ other attractions such as Lago di Carezza and Andraz Castle. Partake in several winter activities, if skiing and the like are your cup of tea, as nothing is better than enjoying the winter in the middle of gorgeous sights and sceneries.

The Dolomites are a seasonal destination, so plan your road trip wisely ahead of time—exercise caution when driving in the Dolomites in winter. Visit the Dolomites in September for optimal weather that isn’t too hot or too cold, with perfect visibility and safe roads for driving. To experience smooth, seamless driving and travel in Italy, acquire an IDP from the International Driver’s Association.

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