Ziplining at Treetop Eco Adventure Park

You may recall that lately I have worked really hard at facing my fears, one of them being my fear of heights.  Well, a couple of weeks ago I got another chance to face my fear of heights by zip lining at Treetop Eco Adventure Park.

Me doing the obstacle course on swinging logs
The obstacle course on swinging logs

Treetop Eco Adventure Park is a private 130 acre property in Oshawa, adjacent to Trillium Trails Conference & Banquet Centre.  The adrenaline rush adventure park is open year-round and it’s owned by Karen and Randy Richards.  Randy Richards is a former Olympic coach that decided to turn this Oak Ridges Moraine property into a zip lining and obstacle course which really challenges your physical activity but also focuses on creating environmental awareness – this is really important and made me more intrigued to check out this adventure park

Upon driving-in I immediately fell in love with the scenery and surroundings.  I was away from the city noise and had entered acres of woodlands adorned with autumn’s signature foliage.  I parked the car in front of the check-in house and store, checked-in and made our way to the area where we received our equipment and began to suit up with the help of one of the guides.  Once we were all ready to go headed over the demo course.  This is where Randy gave the entire group instructions about how to use your equipment as well as a chance for us to try it out and ask questions before we started the real thing.

The adult aerial course at Treetop Eco Adventure Park is both challenging and exciting, and it’s made up of three sections.  Each section has its own raised hurdles and every section has a different height and skill level, with the last one being the most challenging.  At the end of the course you can take the Big Zip.

I actually started off by doing the first two sections. I never imagined how much fun this would be.  I must admit, it was also very challenging. I specially got nervous when doing the swinging logs. It’s very challenging to get your balance when you’re basically swinging on a log. Mind you, this is extremely secure and Randy was always making sure that we felt at ease.  For me, the best part of each section was the zip line because when you’re riding across the line you can see the wonderful and amazing scenery below you.

View from the ground of the obstacle course

Zip lining at Treetop Eco Adventure Park

 When it came to the third and last section of the course I opted out of the first part of it because I was tired and didn’t want to be on the swinging logs any longer but my wife is a trooper and she continued.  Lucky for me, I was able join half way through and continued just so that I could get on the zip line.  You should know that if you don’t feel like you’re up to doing one of the sections you can always just stroll through the walking trails and observer as others advance through the course.

Treetop Eco Adventure Park in the fall

 As we continued the way, the enthusiasm of the group remained high, and you could tell that our comfort levels grew more and more as we made our way across each obstacle, even when we crossed the last and longest suspend bridge.

After the full course was over it came time to do the Big Zip at 734’ long, 60 feet high.  I was really looking forward to this and it did not disappoint.  I would have loved to do it one more time.

When we finally made our way down the Big Zip we found ourselves back a few feet short of check-in house and store.  We were assisted in taking off our equipment and said our good byes to our new friends.  The staff, equipment and overall experience at Treetop Eco-Adventure Park is simply top-notch.

If you are in the Toronto area and are looking for an adventure of a lifetime then zip lining at Treetop Eco Adventure Park is a must do.  It’s also perfect for people who, like me, are looking to face and overcome their fear of heights.

A big thank you to Randy and Karen Richards for inviting me and my wife to Treetop Eco Adventure Park.  We are now hooked on zip lining and will definitely be back.

I leave you with a short video highlighting some of the best moments.  Check it out!

— A special thanks to the team at  Treetop Eco Adventure Park for hosting us as their guest.


  1. I love too much to do adventurer work whatever they are because I do stunts myself. I’m reading your nice post still and learning some new step about this great stunts, that which will make confidently more!!Thanks for nice info

    1. Author

      Thank you! These stunts will really make you work but they are a lot of fun. Have you tried zip lining yet?

  2. No, yet but whenever I get leisure time from my office then I’ll sure try it to do the same….

  3. Hey man, great post. I went zip lining in Whistler and loved it. Let me know if you’re ever around Whistler it would be great to find out more about your travels and blog.

    1. Author

      Hi Eric! Thanks man! I would absolutely love to go zip lining in Whistler. I will definitely shoot you an email when I make it to Whistler. Do you do Zip Lining often? I’ve only done it once but would love to do it again.

  4. Hey WIll, no only gone the once but would love to check it out again. Yeah definitely shoot me a mail next time your in Whis. Cheers!

  5. wow look very fun! I will chalange it too. a little bit look scared but it must be exciting! right?

    1. Author

      Yes, you must challenge it! It’s a little scared but totally worth it. Try it out!

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