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Will Castillo started I Will Travel in April 2013 and is responsible for managing all of the editorial output.  He is an active member of The International Travel Writers Alliance, the TurisTIC team of travel bloggers, and the Travel Media Association of Canada.

When he’s not travelling or planning his next adventure he can be out and about reviewing a restaurant or covering an event or festival in his native Toronto.

Besides being a social media guru, he’s also the Founder and Editor-in-Chief at I Will Travel, a blog which focuses on creating engaging content via tourism board coordinated press trips, arts features, restaurant profiles and theatre reviews.  He also collaborate with brands on sponsored digital content and social media programs.  Living by his motto “see the world through a different set of glasses” he aim to help people vision the world in a different way than what we are accustomed to.

The I Will Travel blog has experienced a steady growth since its establishment in April 2013 and now reaches an international audience of travelers and travel bloggers in 120 countries.  Just 4 months after being founded I Will Travel was picked as one of Canada’s top 100 Travel Blogs. In 2015 I Will Travel was picked by Tripadvisor’s FlipKey as one of Top Toronto-based Blogs to follow and by Travel Pulse Top 15 Travel Bloggers to Follow in 2015.

Will has visited many resorts in and around the Caribbean, South America, and Mexico. Having traveled through Europe, he is well acquainted with their great rail system, tourist attractions, nightlife and local culture. 

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Disclaimer: If I am sent a product or invited to your establishment I will be posting my honest thoughts. I will note in my post that the product or service was sent/offered for consideration.


  1. Hola Will – I am looking for expats and Latin American travelers to follow. I grew up in Colombia and Costa Rica and have just published a novel set on a coffee finca in the Andes. I am going to Bogota in 4 weeks for a reunion. Cheers, Cinda

    1. Hola Cinda. It’s great to hear from you. Which city in Colombia did you grow up in? I am glad that you are following my blog. I grew up in Nicaragua and smiled when I read your post on being Costa Rican and eating Gallo Pinto. Being Nicaraguan I can say the same thing. I have gallo pinto at least once a week living in Toronto. Share with me the name of your novel. I would love to read it. Cheers!

      1. I wondered how many could relate to Gallo Pinto! Feel free to change the comment to “You can tell you are from Latin America when… (fill in the blank!) I thought blogging might be a drag but it is fun connecting with people!
        The novel is called A Place in the World and is about a young biologist ex-pat who marries a colombiano and goes to live on a remote coffee finca. Stuff happens, and she ends up running the finca alone. But the novel is essentially about the interactions of an international cast of characters and an excuse to write about the culture and the rainforest.
        Since you asked I guess it is OK to post the website:
        But you can browse it for free on Amazon (where it is also available as an eBook).
        Thanks for asking!.

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