Review: Auberge du Pommier

Just a few days before leaving Toronto en route to Colombia, my wife and I visited Auberge du Pommier as an intimate farewell dinner. Living in Hogg’s Hollow we often passed this enchanting restaurant, promising ourselves that we would soon make reservations and try it out.  Well, almost a year andContinue Reading

Exploring Innsbruck at Dusk

I arrived in Innsbruck anxiously anticipating my paragliding adventure planned for the following day.  Tired from a long trip from Ljubljana and nursing a sick wife I almost did not go out that night, but my wife being the trooper that she is urged me to leave her at theContinue Reading

Snowmobiling in Ontario

This year proved that winter can indeed be long, extreme and tiresome, but if snow and cold temperatures are what you’re going to get you may as well make the best use of it.  Canadians know how to clinch the cold.  Winter can be fun and there’s no better placeContinue Reading

Vino A ‘La Carte: High Quality Slovenian Wine

We almost missed it!  We were pacing up and down Ljubljana’s Črtomirova street desperately looking for a good place to have dinner when from the bottom of a narrow staircase came Primoz.  Noticing that we were tourists out and about, he warmly invited us in.  “Would you like to tryContinue Reading

Club Amigo Atlantico is a village-style all-inclusive resort in the beautiful countryside of Guardalavaca, a town in the Holguín province of Cuba. The history of the region dates back to the day when Christopher Columbus first saw the Cuban land and said in a very poetic way: “this is the mostContinue Reading

“Are there any hostels in Cuba?”  This is a question frequently asked by backpackers traveling to the Caribbean Island of Cuba.  And indeed, hostel travelers and backpackers need to consider some important points in order to travel on a budget and in a social way.  Here are 6 basic backpacker tipsContinue Reading

This month’s featured interview is with one of my favourite writers, Cristina Luisa from The Chronicles of a Travel Addict.  Her writing and travel experiences are not only informative but most importantly, inspiring and motivational.  The first time I read one of her personal stories she grabbed my attention withContinue Reading

Graz is the second largest city in Austria; a perfect balance of rich historical architecture and modern city life.  In order to fully understand how this great city has developed over time one must look into the history books of the Bavarians, Slavs, and Romans.  With its abundant historical features andContinue Reading

As you travel through Austria you will notice that people of all ages wear the Lederhosen and Dirndl, which are made with a mix of the old-traditional fashion with a modern twist.   What started as the garb of the working peasantry of the 18th Century, the Lederhosen as well as the DirndlContinue Reading

 Dear reader of I Will Travel.  I have a special request.  I would be very grateful if you could take a few minutes and vote for I Will Travel’s blog.  Fitur has launched a contest where they will pick 5 bloggers to represent their home country. I Will Travel needsContinue Reading