A plate of crepes.

Finding a decent restaurant for lunch on Queen St. West today was a challenge. With a winter storm in full effect most restaurant owners have closed their doors to the public. After walking for almost an hour I was about to give up when I suddenly smelled the aroma ofContinue Reading

Review: King’s Noodle Restaurant

Trying a new Chinese restaurant in Chinatown is one of the most overwhelming tasks I can think of undertaking. There are just so many choices, ranging from overpriced and overfilled, greasy and sweaty tasting, and really horrible service. King’s Noodle restaurant, however, isn’t one of these. Given the name ofContinue Reading

Review: The Sultan’s Tent & Café Moroc

Once again I would like to write about one of my biggest passions, food.  Specifically, in this case, the best restaurant for Moroccan food I’ve tried – The Sultan’s Tent & Café Moroc. The restaurant is located on one of the most emblematic streets of downtown Toronto, Front street –Continue Reading

Review: King’s Noodle Restaurant

It was one of those Saturday mornings; the ones when you wake up early, have a light breakfast, and you’re out the door, off to explore your local metropolis. On that particular Saturday I had Kensington Market on my list of things to see in downtown Toronto.  As a result ofContinue Reading

Europe by the Tipple: Seeing the Continent Through Liqueur

If you’re partial to a tipple and like to travel, a themed trip based around tasting all the various liqueurs produced around Europe might be just your thing. It’s a tradition in many European countries to drink a digest if after dinner, a strong liqueur to settle the stomach andContinue Reading

Food, Glorious Food!

Finding something to eat in Orlando is not a difficult task; finding something healthy to eat in Orlando could be slightly trickier! Welcome to the part of the world that puts Man vs Food to shame! Any holiday to Orlando is going to be larger than life, so you willContinue Reading

venison fillet with blueberries served alongside a silky potato pure.

I must admit that every so often I tend to get complacent and begin to foolishly believe that I’ve seen it all, but then something keels up to remind me that I have not seen anything yet; on this particular occasion it was one of Ljubljana’s culinary gems. Nestled in anContinue Reading

Review: Auberge du Pommier

Just a few days before leaving Toronto en route to Colombia, my wife and I visited Auberge du Pommier as an intimate farewell dinner. Living in Hogg’s Hollow we often passed this enchanting restaurant, promising ourselves that we would soon make reservations and try it out.  Well, almost a year andContinue Reading

Vino A ‘La Carte: High Quality Slovenian Wine

We almost missed it!  We were pacing up and down Ljubljana’s Črtomirova street desperately looking for a good place to have dinner when from the bottom of a narrow staircase came Primoz.  Noticing that we were tourists out and about, he warmly invited us in.  “Would you like to tryContinue Reading

 You cannot visit Vienna and not dine at a Heuriger.  During our recent visit to Austria we dinned at the Heuriger Hans Maly, which is about an hour outside of the city center.  Here we had a great evening meal accompanied by fresh wine.  However, the highlight of the evening feast was the Apfelstrudel. Continue Reading