Two days ago I set foot for the very first time in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. I fell in love with many parts of this “Old World” city, however, one particular landmark is well branded in my memory.   One of the most iconic landmarks is the SzéchenyiContinue Reading

Florence is one of the most captivating cities I have ever seen.   For me it was love at first sight.  Absolutely stunning from every angle.  Saturated with ancient history and surrounded with Renaissance architecture.    No wonder this city was named Firenze.  It blossoms with unpretentious beauty.  Florence is likeContinue Reading

So today is Friday and even though  it’s an overcast day with lots of rain in the forecast I feel really good.  I have so much to look forward to and it’s a very exciting time for me.    Today I feel like sharing this photograph with you.  I took it during lastContinue Reading

I don’t know why I find this photograph very engaging. It could be the contrast of the white and black, or the fact that I love percussion instruments and the djembe in this photo is one of my favorites.   Florence, Italy