Are you looking for the perfect place to spend your next holiday? Holiday cottages can be an ideal option for families, but kids come with toys and tantrums, so you’ll need a suitable base for a happy holiday. With so many cottages to choose from, here are some tips onContinue Reading

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When traveling on a budget, there tends to be some downtime in between flights or while on your train or car ride, etc. Instead of being bored, we suggest pre-loading your phone or mobile device by downloading mental sports apps such as card games, movies, or other fun apps soContinue Reading

View of Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Top 5 Tips For Moving to France I love France. But sometimes I don’t. And some expats never do. Every country has its pros and cons, its lovers and haters. But few are as much of a mixed bag as France. This beautiful country is one of the most popularContinue Reading

View of Paris and the Eiffel tower

Understandably, particularly for budget travellers or families on holiday, when we think about museums passes and other such schemes, it is often with saving money in mind. The truth is that travelling can be an expensive past time. And for a city like Paris, where here are many wonderful museumsContinue Reading

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You may have noticed that lately I have been very active on Instagram, posting at least twice a day. In order to keep up my engagement rate high during my recent Eurotrip I was determined to keep it up so it was necessary for me to have access to Wi-Fi prettyContinue Reading

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I have a dream…  to set sail from Fremantle, Australia and cruise to some of Asia’s finest treasures. Having been on a Mediterranean cruise with Holland America once before, I know just how wonderful and relaxing a cruise can be and I look forward to the day when I can cross offContinue Reading

Photo of the Niagara river range lighthouse.

The charming and picturesque town of Niagara-on-the-Lake is located an hour and a half from Toronto and home to some of Canada’s most treasured heritage sites. It boasts of stunning views, fine restaurants, beautiful vineyards, and vintage bed and breakfasts that transport you back in time. Upon your arrival you shouldContinue Reading

Photo of the Gran Teatro de La Habana and people crossing the street in front of it on a sunny day

If you’re traveling to Cuba as a Canadian there’s very little planning involved, but if you’re traveling as an American there are a few things you need to consider before planning your trip. Basically speaking, tourism from the United States to Cuba is stilled banned. “You can’t go to Cuba toContinue Reading

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Driving holidays are the best way to cover a lot of ground on holiday as well as allowing you the ultimate freedom to move around at times that suit you. It can often work out cheaper than public transport and you can get off the beaten track easily, especially ifContinue Reading

The Holland America Cruise Line

The Holland America Cruise Line (formerly known as the Dutch America Steamship Company founded in 1873) has operated for over 136 years. Over this period of time the shipboard experience has evolved from trans-Atlantic steamer to a global cruise company. It’s no wonder today Holland America is the essence ofContinue Reading