4 Other European Gems to Visit

Europe showcases some of the top destinations around the world, it holds some of the oldest and richest cultures, and it holds an array of cities to entertain, please, and take your breath away. Traveling around the continent will bring you to many places, all of which are different fromContinue Reading

Far, far away

You might not give much thought to flying, and simply see it as a way of getting from A to B, but the fact remains that when you’re stuck in an artificial tin-can for excessive amounts of time, you’re going to get a little bored and fidgety to say theContinue Reading

Getting From Salzburg to Prague

Due to the fantastic rail transport in Europe, most travelers don’t spend all of their time in the same city, or country. They usually want to combine several highlights in Europe in as little time as possible. In Central Europe, popular destinations for a combination with Salzburg are Munich, Prague,Continue Reading

Salzburg: Practical Advice And Tips

Renowned for its baroque architecture, the birth place of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and the setting for parts of the famous film The Sound of Music, Salzburg has a lot to offer, making you indecisive about where to go, or what to do, so let me give you some practical adviceContinue Reading

Five Travel Trends to Inspire Your Next Getaway

Even the most wide-eyed tourists suffer from the occasional inspiration slump. If you’ve been to Europe, done the South Pacific and know the Caribbean like the back of your hand, use these of-the-moment travel trends to spark a few new ideas. 1. Microadventures are all the rage. Wave goodbye toContinue Reading

“Are there any hostels in Cuba?”  This is a question frequently asked by backpackers traveling to the Caribbean Island of Cuba.  And indeed, hostel travelers and backpackers need to consider some important points in order to travel on a budget and in a social way.  Here are 6 basic backpacker tipsContinue Reading

  It’s 8pm on the evening of August 1.  I turn on my laptop and go online to check the status of my flight from Toronto to Helsinki departing the very next day.  I browse to the Finnair website and to my horror my itinerary has the word cancelled next to it.  Continue Reading

  My dear fellow Travel Blogger – Welcome to Toronto! or as we Torontonians nicked named it, “Hogtown”, due to the fact that in the early 1900’s it used to have numerous pork processing plants.   The official name of this industrial and bustling city originated from the Mohawk phraseContinue Reading

Ruins of Carthage, Tunisia

There’s a quote flying around the web that says:   “Expectation is the root of all heartache” It’s not proven if it’s in fact a quote by Shakespeare but that doesn’t concern me.  Whoever said it hit the nail in the head. We all expect something out of our travelContinue Reading

Fridge magnets can be more than just a tool to hold your shopping list, or your children polaroid.  They can be a great way to remind you of that special place you traveled to.   My fridge magnets are special.  They are my precious collector’s items. Magnets come in countless designs and colors and everyContinue Reading