Collect Memories And Fridge Magnets

Fridge magnets can be more than just a tool to hold your shopping list, or your children polaroid.  They can be a great way to remind you of that special place you traveled to.


My fridge magnets are special.  They are my precious collector’s items. Magnets come in countless designs and colors and every design caters to every taste.   Every since my wife and I started travelling we’ve made it a mission to collect one from every country or city we visit.  


At first we thought we’d stick to only license plates but that became a real challenge so we decided to mix different ones together.  We will not leave our place of destination until we’ve found one.  I sure hope this is one collection that gets out of hand.


Fridge Magnets


What item do you like to collect when you travel?


  1. I liked that you explained that collecting funny magnets from your vacations is an easy way to remember your trips. I would imagine that bringing back a souvenir would be a fun way to never forgot the fun vacation you took. I would consider collecting magnets since they are always accessible, but don’t take up that much room.

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