The Goat Man

When I was about 9 years old and living in Nicaragua, my family and I did a road trip to the outskirts of the city. I don’t remember anything about this trip except for this one thing; we made a stop on the side of the road, and on the other side of the fence was a man who worked for the cattle baron, and he was milking a cow.


And so my father asked him if he could buy a glass off of him. The man kindly gave us a full glass of fresh cow milk, and I still remember the buttery, warm flavor of it. What a delight! The point is that as I saw the video I’m sharing with you, it not only brought back those memories, but it has given me a sense of accomplishment (funny but true).


There are things out there, available to all of us, that will leave a gratifying mark on you, forever. I truly admire these two guys, for having a dream, and making the decision to follow it. I think all of us can definitely learn something from them.


Have you seen the “Goat Man”?

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