Horse trailer safety guide in emergency

Horse trailer safety guide

A lot can go wrong when you are on the road. To keep yourself and your horses safe, you will always need to be ready with solutions. Being aware is the first step to safety. Let’s take a brief look at the things you should be attentive of.

Trailer light check

Even if you hear your trailer light click, it doesn’t mean that they are in proper working condition. Also, it is risky to assume that your trailer lights are fine if your vehicles headlights are working. Before you hit the road, hitch up your rig, set the engine key, ensure that the gear shift is parked and the emergency brakes are on. Inspect both the tow and trailer turn signals, both left and right. Also check the running lights at the roof, corners and fenders of your trailer.

Getting out of the highway

It takes more than the turn of the wheel to safely get out of the highway, expressway, freeway, or a multi-lane road. Follow these protocols:

  • Don’t pull into the central divider, even if it looks stable and wide
  • Consider off ramps for parking spots
  • If something is not right with your vehicle, turn on the emergency flashers, slow down and ease right
  • Gas stations and shopping lots can have adequate space to emergency parking
  • Turn the engine off
  • Don’t unload the animals, ever, in the middle of the street
  • It will help if you use the time to calm the animals down
  • Step out and look for help

A three horse bumper pull trailer will be easier to drive along if you don’t have a lot of experience carrying horses. It comes with a low turning radius and should give you too much drag.

Now, who are you going to call?

There are several motor plans and towing services that specifically address a horse trailers needs. Keeping an emergency number handy would help. It will also help if you can call the dealer to seek out neighboring help.

What to do if you are stranded in the middle of the road at night?

If you are planning to take road at night, it is necessary that you carry along some emergency tools. After you have safely parked off at the right side of the road with your parking/emergency lights on, it’s time to light off a flare. This will be particularly helpful if you are stranded because of the weather and the visibility is low. Local authorities should come around at the earliest.

You can also place a couple of flares on the back of the trailer and another couple at the front to make your presence evident to other vehicles passing through.

It will also be advisable to not trying getting onto the road unless your problem has been resolved. Remember that most road accidents happen not because you made a mistake but someone else did. Don’t take any chances.

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