City of Prague

My Summer Eurotrip Itinerary

My Summer Eurotrip Itinerary
Prague after winter

It’s Europe time again! Tomorrow I embark on my third trip to Europe. My last trip was the Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, and Czech Republic Eurotrip in 2013 and a lot has changed since. Early last year I temporarily moved to Colombia, came back to Toronto and started working full-time again. Needless to say this trip will be a bit different from the ones I’ve done before due to my new-found travel philosophy.

On this trip my accommodation arrangements will not only include hotels, but I’ll be staying in a few apartments I found through Airbnb. This will be my first time using this service so I would love some tips on the comments!

My first stop and first Airbnb apartment will be in Amsterdam where I will be exploring the city through its many alleys (bike and foot) and discovering the canals via boat rides thanks to Amsterdam Canal Motorboats. Shortly after I will be spending a few days in Belgium, mostly in Brussels and Bruges.

Right after Belgium I’ll be hoping on the Eurail train to Frankfurt where I will have more than enough time to practice my German (I love the German language). However, before settling in Frankfurt I will be doing a 24 hour stopover in Luxembourg.

Once in Frankfurt I’ll be taking a couple of day trips through the Rhine Valley as well as a Rhine River Cruise.

My final destination will be Paris, (The City of Lights). Here I’ll be discovering French gastronomy as well as the capital’s unmissable museums, galleries, visitor attractions and landmarks in collaboration with the Paris Tourist Office.

I’ll be back in Toronto at the beginning of July fully charged.  Nevertheless, July, August, and September will be a busy time for me with some weekend trips in Ontario (Kawartha region, Tobermory, Thousand Islands), as well as some media coverage of the Pan Am Games. I won’t really have time to exhale until October. Luckily I don’t mind.

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