It’s been a very long time since I attended Salsa on St. Clair.  If I remember correctly the last time I was there was in 2005.  I decided to attend this year for a few reasons: I want to showcase Toronto’s great culture and summer festivals.  Also, I’m a bigContinue Reading

Colombia is well known for its emeralds, coffee, and biodiversity, but should also be known for its powerful music. Colombian music is a clear example of the cultural diversity of the country; it contains numerous statements that clearly identify each region of the country, although it is very common to find several musical styles withinContinue Reading

It’s been two hundred and three years, fifty-nine presidents, six world cups, and one Nobel Prize winner. To this day the country of Colombia continues to be a free and proud nation. Men and women looking to the future with enthusiasm, working hard to make the best possible spiritual, physicalContinue Reading

Three days ago Google celebrated the 161st birthday of Antonio Gaudí, the eccentric Catalan architect responsible for one of Barcelona’s most symbolic basilica, La Sagrada Familia. Since 1992 the Vatican has tried to canonize Gaudí, and in recent years, those in favor of his beatification say they have proof that he canContinue Reading

  It’s 8pm on the evening of August 1.  I turn on my laptop and go online to check the status of my flight from Toronto to Helsinki departing the very next day.  I browse to the Finnair website and to my horror my itinerary has the word cancelled next to it.  Continue Reading

It will be almost one year since my wife and I moved to the Yonge and York Mills neighbourhood.  We chose this place not only because we have the subway station  across the street from us, but because it’s a fantastic neighbourhood to live in.  Another advantage of our place is the proximity to theContinue Reading

I don’t consider myself an envious person and until recently I never thought I envied anyone.  I feel very privileged to live a life that most people are not fortunate to have.  At the same time I love to travel but so far in order to be able to doContinue Reading

Florence is one of the most captivating cities I have ever seen.   For me it was love at first sight.  Absolutely stunning from every angle.  Saturated with ancient history and surrounded with Renaissance architecture.    No wonder this city was named Firenze.  It blossoms with unpretentious beauty.  Florence is likeContinue Reading

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about how I can inspire others. Not only readers of my blog but everyone around me.  Unfortunately, no prophet is accepted in his hometown and most times it’s hard to inspire those closest to you because they not only know your strengths,Continue Reading

  My dear fellow Travel Blogger – Welcome to Toronto! or as we Torontonians nicked named it, “Hogtown”, due to the fact that in the early 1900’s it used to have numerous pork processing plants.   The official name of this industrial and bustling city originated from the Mohawk phraseContinue Reading