View of Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Top 5 Tips For Moving to France I love France. But sometimes I don’t. And some expats never do. Every country has its pros and cons, its lovers and haters. But few are as much of a mixed bag as France. This beautiful country is one of the most popularContinue Reading

Infinity beach at Belmond La Sammana

I sort of felt like a French billionaire as I was driven toward Belmond La Samanna on serpentine roads through lush vegetation and fragrant blossoms. Once driven through the iron-black gates into the world of La Samanna, I knew I was in heaven on earth. I arrive at the open-airContinue Reading

Turtle swimming in the ocean near Sipadan Island

A mecca for divers, Sipadan island is the ultimate destination to go diving. Under the blue waters of the island is a fascinating world of marine life, pristine corals and panoramic vistas. The famous French oceanographer Jacques-Yves Cousteau, who has filmed numerous documentaries about the amazing underwater life all overContinue Reading

Lighthouse on a cliff located in Cape St. Vincent

Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and hidden beneath Spain lies Portugal – arguably Europe’s most underrated country. If you look closely you’ll find remote islands, world-class wines, momentous history and adventures you thought were reserved for Hawaii. Portugal is also known for its year-round mild weather, so you’re guaranteed toContinue Reading

Seafood bowl containing shrimp tempura, tobiko, scallops, seasoned vegetables, quail egg, rice, in hot stone bowl.

Yuzu no hana is a Japanese restaurant in the Club District created by the owner of the ever-popular Japango. The fish here is fresher and high quality than the average Toronto sushi joint and the menu includes hard to find-selections like ocean trout and real red snapper. Located in theContinue Reading

Lounge at the Spa My Blend by Clarins, The Ritz-Carlton Toronto

Contrary to popular belief that spas are flowery, effeminate hubs, more guys are getting pampered to look and feel their best. I absolutely love getting pampered which is why last year I’ve visited three of Toronto’s finest urban retreats. My most recent visit was to Spa My Blend by Clarins atContinue Reading

Ruins of Carthage, Tunisia

Once mighty seat of the Roman Empire, and home to over half a million inhabitants, ruin-strewn Carthage will delight those with any interest in the past. With a history stretching back nearly three millennia, Carthage was once the heart of a powerful Mediterranean empire before being leveled by the RomansContinue Reading

A man and a woman sitting outside houses with two blue doors in the city of Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia.

It’s impossible not to fall in love with Sidi Bou Said. Originally a place of pilgrimage for visitors to the tomb of the 13th-century Sufi holy man from whom it takes its name, Tunisia’s celebrated blue-and-white village is so enchantingly pretty that it can sometimes seem more painted than real.Continue Reading

Swimming pool of the Fours Seasons Toront, Spa.

Out of the many spectacular things Toronto has to offer its residents and visitors is its luxurious spas located in the heart of the city.  Most of Toronto’s top relaxation destinations are situated in high-end hotels around the downtown core – appropriate, given the deluxe surroundings and often-elaborate treatments on theContinue Reading

Skyline of the city of Montreal, Canada.

In Canada, the city of Montreal is the third most important tourist center after Vancouver and Toronto. The highest point of the city and its iconic landmark  is Mont Royal, a park with several kilometers of trails perfect for running and skiing, and vantage points with stunning views of the city andContinue Reading