Postcard From Salzburg

The birth place of Mozart, the setting for The Sound Of Music.  Salzburg, however, has many other attributes that make it stand out.  Fortress Hohensalzburg is a real eye-catcher peaking out high above the baroque towers of the city. The castle in Salzburg is an unmistakable landmark.

View of the Hohensalzburg Castle at night
Hohensalzburg Castle

Salzburg is also plentifully supplied with pleasant eateries, offering not only good, solid Austrian food. There are certain dining experiences that are quintessentially Salzburgian, including restaurants like Festungsrestaurant, which is perched on the town’s peaks that offer “food with a view”.

Our dinner at Festungsrestaurant
Our dinner at Festungsrestaurant

 What are some hidden gems you’ve uncovered in Salzburg?


  1. One of my favourite cities in Europe, thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures!

    1. Author

      Thank you David! I wish I could have had more time to spend in Linz to take more photographs. It is a beautiful city.

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