Review: Milagro Cantina (Uptown Yonge)

I’m very grateful for the variety of restaurants in the Yonge Lawrence Village BIA. There are times when my gastronomic palate demands the distinct flavours of Latin American cuisine — that’s when it pays to live within walking distance of Milagro Cantina, located at 3187 Yonge Street.

Milagro Cantina

When Mexico City-born brothers Arturo and Andrés Anhalt opened their first Milagro Cantina in Toronto’s downtown core they envisioned a Mexican cantina empire inspired by the Mexico establishments of the golden era. 

Their Yonge and Lawrence location is a sign that their vision is now a reality. I absolutely love this cozy, family-friendly resto. Having experienced dinner as well as brunch, I can tell it’s ideal for birthday dinners, first dates, or long, sangria-fueled catch-ups with old friends. If you’re looking for authentic Mexican food in Toronto (not Tex-Mex) this place is one of Toronto’s finest.

Milagro Cantina

Milagro Cantina

I was extremely impressed with it the first time around, and unfortunately I failed to snap a few photos of the dishes, but on both visits I was delighted with amazing Mexican food, and fantastic service.

Proprietor Arturo Anhalt is also the head chef for all locations. He does a very good job at creating traditional dishes from many culinary regions of Mexico. You’ll also be glad to know that they focus on classic recipes, like Sopa de Tortilla (corn tortilla soup), or the thick, rich, chocolate-tinged sauce known as Mole Poblano. Milagro Cantina also offers an amazing selection of Tequila, Mezcal, wine, beer and cocktails which make for the perfect complement to its delicious food offerings.

On my second visit to Milagro Cantina I had:

Milagro Cantina

Gringas — griddled flour tortillas, pastor pork, Oaxaca cheese grilled pineapple & cilantro.

Milagro Cantina

Burrito Adobado — seared ribeye, bacon, adobo, arroz, refritos, panela, guacamole, lettuce, refritos, sour cream.

Milagro Cantina

Enchiladas Pachuca — slow roasted lamb, tomato & chipotle salsa, sour cream, panela (unrefined whole cane sugar), cilantro, served with a friend egg on the side.

I am almost certain that Milagro Cantina and I will be seeing a lot of each other this summer. In the meantime, pay them a visit and taste Mexico for yourself.

Buen provecho!

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