One of the best places for camping, or cooking a meal in the open and or engaging in water-sports is the Neusa Dam, 80 km (an hour and a half) out of Bogotá to the north. The climate is cold, and the water looks green under the reflection of theContinue Reading

Ode to Art: Botero Museum

The Botero Museum is located at Calle 11 # 4-14 , it is a large collection of works donated to Colombia by the artist Fernando Botero. The collections reside in a colonial house that functioned as an archbishopric until 1955. The Botero Museum located in Bogotá, Colombia houses one of Latin America’sContinue Reading

Bogotá: A Haunted Walk On A Rainy Day

To know Bogotá along with its past is very easy, because her past is always present, available to everyone who can truly appreciate it.  In its nineteenth-century houses of colonial eaves and balconies is where the neighborhood of La Candelaria hides its ghosts; ghosts that once inhabited hidden courtyards and hallways.   Rain bathedContinue Reading

Colombia is well known for its emeralds, coffee, and biodiversity, but should also be known for its powerful music. Colombian music is a clear example of the cultural diversity of the country; it contains numerous statements that clearly identify each region of the country, although it is very common to find several musical styles withinContinue Reading

It’s been two hundred and three years, fifty-nine presidents, six world cups, and one Nobel Prize winner. To this day the country of Colombia continues to be a free and proud nation. Men and women looking to the future with enthusiasm, working hard to make the best possible spiritual, physicalContinue Reading

One of my favorite traditional Colombian dishes is the tamale. Whenever I get the chance to eat one I leap at the opportunity. This past Christmas, during my visit to Colombia I overindulged. I would eat them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and on one occasion – believe it or notContinue Reading