venison fillet with blueberries served alongside a silky potato pure.

I must admit that every so often I tend to get complacent and begin to foolishly believe that I’ve seen it all, but then something keels up to remind me that I have not seen anything yet; on this particular occasion it was one of Ljubljana’s culinary gems. Nestled in anContinue Reading

Vino A ‘La Carte: High Quality Slovenian Wine

We almost missed it!  We were pacing up and down Ljubljana’s Črtomirova street desperately looking for a good place to have dinner when from the bottom of a narrow staircase came Primoz.  Noticing that we were tourists out and about, he warmly invited us in.  “Would you like to tryContinue Reading

I’ve never been big on organized tours. I like the idea of getting to know a city on my own terms. However, there are times when a tour can be a good choice. Knowing I was only going to be in Ljubljana for 48 hours I decided to give aContinue Reading

Prešeren Plaza is the most central point in Ljubljana. The plaza owes its name to France Prešeren, the most influential poet in Slovenian literature, whose monument is located in the middle of the plaza. The poet’s glance is directed towards a sculpture of his forbidden love and muse, Julia Primic,Continue Reading