A photo showing the rays of sun beaming down inside Saint Peter's Basillica

Rome is a city that features on most travellers’ bucket-lists. The Eternal City’s big appeal is that you can walk through sections of history and buildings that have been in place since the height of the Roman Empire whilst being in the heart of a vibrant and modern European capitalContinue Reading

View of Saint Peter's Square from the top of the basillica

Originally, the ancient Romans took inspiration from Greeks and Etruscans from where they inherited their culture. However, Romans incorporated their unique stamp to their influences and it never seems as if it has been inherited from the other civilizations, In fact, with its tourist attractions, the Roman Empire spread itsContinue Reading

  My wife and I stayed at the Best Western Hotel Spring House two separate nights during last summer’s trip to Europe. The first night we got a very nice room with a balcony which had a partial view of St. Peter’s cathedral.   The second night we were not as fortunate and gotContinue Reading